Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mobile Marketing Apps for Local Businesses

The world is going mobile and in order to take advantage of the increase in mobile use, companies are positioning themselves and their products to be easily found and used through the use of mobile marketing Apps for local businesses.

Why Should You Get an App for Your Business?

While the web is still the go to source for information on products and services, many people understand that building your own directory, on your phone or tablet, is the most effective way of quickly finding the products you love and trust. Apps offer the ability to not only quickly offer all the information your customers want, but also have some excellent integrated features that will increase brand loyalty and make the act of finding better deals, discounts and rewards that much easier.

In addition to giving you customers a convenient way to access your information, you can also make use of the interactive features of your App to generate more content which you can use to market your products better.

What Should Your Marketing Application Cost?

You can get a fully functional, highly customized mobile marketing App for iPhone, iPad and Android as little as $350 for all three. To ensure that your App is worth this investment, make sure that you are getting the most important quality adding features such as:-

• Free Push Notifications
• One Touch Contact Features
• Tell a Friend Features
• Content Creation Features such as email photo, email recordings and Fan Wall
• Information Pages that can include graphics
• Shopping Cart Features
• QR and GPS Coupon Codes for loyalty building

You´ll also want to ensure that you can make adjustments to your App without having to spend a great deal of money on a service contract. Hosting fees too are an important factor to consider and hosting should not cost more than $50 per month for all of the platforms available.

What Hidden Costs Should You Look Out For?

Many online companies will offer you an App building template for you to make use of to build your own App. This can be very cost effective, but does often require an investment of time to get to understand the software and to build it to the App store submission requirements. Additional costs involved in this type of setup include having to have a developers account with Apple which will cost an additional $100 a month as well as the cost of removing the App builder company Logo from your template which could set you back a hundred dollars or more.

Mobile marketing apps for local businesses allow you to put your business in the pockets and purses of your local community making it extremely easy to access your information in this fast paced world we now live in.

Jeanne Michelle and her team at Business Apps Marketing offer Apps for Apple (both iPhone and iPad), Android and Blackberry to help local businesses promote their products and services at extremely competitive prices. We run specials through out the year with huge discounts for those looking to have an App built or to make use of our App Building Platform to build their own.

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