Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sell Your Crafts at the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival!

If you fancy yourself an excellent craft maker why not put it to the test at the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival this year? Celebrating its 24th year, this well established craft show brings in buyers of all kinds and is hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hotels and lodges are routinely packed every year as people come from all over the nation to meet the craftspeople who attend, so it would be wise to use this great opportunity to increase business for your crafts store!

If you're interested in attending you need only apply 5-6 weeks prior to any of the three show's deadlines to be considered. That's right; this Arts and Crafts festival is held three times a year in March, October and November, making it a great place to set up shop to sell your crafts and even meet repeat customers if you go to all the shows. And with thousands of people showing up to the event, that's a lot of potential customers for you to sell to!

While the deadline for this spring's show is past, the applications for October are going to be available February 15th on zapplication.org. That means you have lots of time to plan, prepare crafts to sell and get your wares ready for transport to one of the many Albuquerque hotels near the show.

Speaking of Albuquerque hotels, you won't want to forget to book yours early! The October Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival takes place during part of Albuquerque's famous Balloon Fiesta. This yearly event brings nearly 2 million people from all over the world to the nearby fairgrounds. It shouldn't be a surprise that many of the Albuquerque, New Mexico hotels will be packed for the event, so be sure to reserve one early that suits you and the needs of your crafts!

Just because applications are over for March's show doesn't mean you shouldn't attend. It may be wise to check out this springs show to get a feel for the potential customers as well as to see what other wares are being sold. As one the biggest meet-ups for craftspeople in New Mexico it can also be very wise to speak with the other sellers already there. Especially considering that when running your own business, proper social networking is crucial to your livelihood. It never hurts to make new friends in the crafts business and who knows? You may come away from it with a great reference or useful information about the show itself.

Attending the March show can also be an ideal way for seeing how other sellers lay out their wares and help with planning how you'll use your space the best. You can also check in with the event hosts and other people to ask questions about October or November's show if you plan to attend them.

To find out more about the October show you can check out the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival website for more information.

For those looking to rest easy during this excellent crafts event, Barcelona Suites is the perfect place to relax after a busy day at the festival. Located just a short drive away from the fairgrounds, it's the perfect place to stay and have easy access to the show!

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